GAP supports Contractors Appeal and COVID Safety Network

To contribute to the fight against coronavirus and to support those whose work is vital during the pandemic, GAP Hire Solutions is offering a free drop-off point for the Contractors Appeal and has donated new office space to COVID Safety Network to support their operations.

Contractors Appeal

GAP is supporting the Contractors Appeal which is a campaign to allow NHS facilities and health care professionals to request PPE and for companies (particularly construction) to donate surplus PPE.

The current initiative is to supply 3D print face visors via National 3D Printing Society. The approved NHS specifications / design has been sent to numerous 3D printing facilities across the UK; once these are ready the printers can send them to their local GAP depot, allowing us to play our part by distributing them directly to front-line NHS staff, volunteers and health workers as quickly as possible. At the time of writing, 47 depots across the UK have delivered over 15,000 headband visors. You can find your nearest GAP depot here.

COVID Safety Network

In addition to assisting the Contractors Appeal, GAP is also working with COVID Safety Network, a collective of people from all parts of society who are getting together to pool resources for addressing the health threats of the COVID-19 virus locally and nationally.

Utilising the upstairs section at GAP’s Kinning Park depot as a free, central hub to coordinate their efforts, the COVID Safety Network has provided PPE for the NHS locally at the Glasgow Queen Elizabeth Hospital, among others, as part of a national call to get safety equipment to doctors and nurses on the front line.


At GAP, we will continue to do everything we can to help the incredible people working to save lives do their work safely. To get involved or to donate and make a difference, follow the links below: