Diamond Core Drills - Dry: DUSDC

A laser welded, shark segmented, conical bodied core drill for ultimate performance and life. Free cutting and no snagging. Ideal for use on brick, block and concrete applications.The DURO ULTRA Shark core drill features one segment that is narrower than the others and a conical body that is 1mm narrower at its base than at its cutting edge.

Technical Specification - pdf 1.08 MB
  • Boots required
  • Ear defenders required
  • Gloves required
  • Goggles required
  • Hard hat required
  • Mask required
  • Noise generated
  • Overalls required
  • Vibration generated
  • For use on hard York stone, Breeze Block, concrete, lightweight concrete block and lightly reinforced concrete
  • Can be used on London brick, general house brick, handmade and facing bricks and class A & B Engineering bricks
  • Benefits include reduced trapping/snagging, vibration and core stress with smoother, efficient drilling and no segment loss

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