IXO Lift / Quick Step

The IXO Lift / Quick Step is simple to operate – push the handle at base to gain desired height, press handle from within platform to lower. Its compact dimensions enable the Quick Step to be easily pushed through a standard single doorway. It can also be placed in a number of positions to reach the ideal working level.

Technical Specification - pdf 413 KB
  • Boots required
  • Hard hat required
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors (rated up to 20mph winds)
  • Tilt sensor enables you to check you’re on a flat, level surface
  • Lockable castor wheels
  • Fits through a standard doorway

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Item Quick Step
Code LD0583
Price (pw) £157.00

Platform height 1.85m
Max. working height 4.0m
Platform length 1210mm
Platform width 700mm
Weight 120kg
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