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Eco Tower Lights

  • About

    GAP is proud to provide eco-friendly lighting solutions with low/zero carbon emissions and reduced operational noise.

    With a fleet of around 2,000 units, we can provide a variety of options when it comes to lighting your site. GAP’s Eco Tower Lights can keep your site safe while reducing your carbon footprint and keeping your fuel costs down.

    GAP is here for you to keep your green site up and running – even in the dark!

  • Environmental Targets

    GAP’s environmental ambition shines through with these eco-friendly lighting solutions: they adhere to GAP’s mission to provide eco-alternative hire solutions that reduce our environmental impact on the planet.

    Eco Tower Lights will bring us one step closer to this goal. Some of the benefits we can derive from these items include the considerate reduction of carbon emissions, time saving procedures and cost-effective solutions.

    Similarly, for our Tower Light X-Solar, there would also be a 99% reduction of emissions as well as a significant reduction in the overall cost over 12 months: while the cost of traditional fuel sums up to £13,520.64, the cost of the solar alternative is £10,320.00.

    The use of Eco Tower Lights can be cost effective, and it helps the customer to embrace our ambition to keep GAP’s environmental impact as low as possible with mutual benefits.

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