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GAP's vision is to be the UK's most innovative hire solutions provider, with a focus on reducing our environmental impact on the world as our business continues to grow. Our values and principles relating to sustainable growth, employment, ethics, class-leading technology solutions and innovation provide a sound basis for customers to achieve their low carbon/decarbonisation solution and objectives. 

Sustainability Update 2023

GAP Hire Solutions is thrilled to unveil our Sustainability Plan 2023. We are fully dedicated to forging a sustainable future in collaboration with our customers and leaving a positive impact on future generations by promoting cleaner and more sustainable hire services. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that we consistently prioritise functionality and safety without ever compromising on quality.

Join our Eco Family

As part of our long term goal to keep our environmental impact as low as possible, we have developed an Environmental and Innovative Products Brochure. This enables us to promote our Eco-Friendly products and make it easy for you to hire more environmentally-friendly options than alternatives in the industry. 

We work closely with internationally renowned manufacturers, to help introduce the latest in innovation to our customer base through pilot initiatives. We strive to introduce the newest and latest eco products that reduce carbon emissions to our fleet. 

Reaching Net Zero

GAP Group has set the goal of reaching Net Zero in our operations by 2040, by reducing our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by at least 90% compared to our baseline. Meaningful reductions of our overall Scope 3 emissions will heavily depend on technological progress to allow for our equipment to be replaced by equivalent low or zero-emission technologies; GAP Group customers adopting these new technologies and accepting the early adopter cost premium; and suppliers and manufacturers also decarbonising their products and services. As a result, we have set the target of achieving Net Zero across our supply chain by 2050 but will continue to work towards the ambition of reaching this in 2040, or as early as possible.

GAP Vehicles:

    • Gradual transition towards a zero-carbon vehicle fleet., including use of biofuels, Hydrogen, efficiency measures and electrification. 

GAP Hire Fleet:

  • Continued engagement with suppliers to obtain product carbon data, and to make purchasing decisions accordingly
  • Gradual transition towards a zero-carbon fleet.

GAP Buildings and Facilities:

  • Electricity purchased by GAP Group to be 100% renewable.
  • All recent new build depots have been fitted with low carbon heating systems, supporting our effort for heat to be decarbonised in all GAP Group depots.

Supply Chain Sustainability School

GAP is a Partner and Gold Member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, which helps us gain and share sustainability-related knowledge with our supply chain, helping them understand how sustainable business practices can result in reduced costs, more efficient equipment and reduced risks.

Additionally, we are thrilled to be one of the only 12 companies to have signed the Plant Commitment Charter. The Charter has been created by the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s Plant Group to lead the way for the UK's built environment to drastically reduce onsite emissions that are harmful to human health and the planet. It is a list of commitments to reduce air quality impacts and carbon emissions, and also lays out minimum standards for the engines of the plant we purchase. We have obtained Gold Status from the Plant group, recognising we are taking action on reducing the emissions from the equipment we offer.

Sustainability Policy

GAP's vision is to be the UK's most innovative hire solutions provider, with a focus in reducing our environmental impact on the world. We have a strong track record of operating in a responsible manner over the years. Through our Sustainability Policy, we aim to inspire our employees, our supply chain and customers where possible, to achieve this following:

  • Demonstrate long-term solutions to tackle climate change
  • Minimise waste as source and promote a waste hierarchy 
  • Encourage and inspire behavioural changes to develop a lifestyle that is better for all
  • Encourage behaviours which will enhance the natural environment 

Sustainable Supply Chain and Procurement

At GAP, we recognise that we have a moral and ethical responsibility for our business to be sustainable against a backdrop of the earth's climate challenges and within a rapidly evolving society.

For many years, we have been working with our supply chain to develop a variety of solar, battery and hydrogen products. We actively monitor global developments and emerging technologies in this sector. We have introduced industry leading 'green' products such as the zero carbon emission welfare units and carbon emission measuring telematics and reporting.

Whilst working towards our Greenhouse Gas Emissions target of becoming Net Zero, we have been actively working with our supply chain to help them recognise the importance of providing equipment and hire services which support our customers to achieve their own net zero ambitions, and ensure our future goals are aligned.


Delivery Fleet

At GAP, we recognise our delivery fleet as being one of the primary causes of pollution for our business. We have fully embraced the drive to reduce carbon emissions throughout our entire vehicle fleet of vans, lorries and HGVs. From late 2013, all HGVs purchased have been specified with Euro 6 engines. Our dedicated in-house Transport team keeps up-to-date with emerging technologies, and works to incorporate these into our fleet buying policy. 

As part of our FORS Gold accreditation, we actively monitor, measure and report our fuel consumption, miles per gallon and carbon emissions. This supports our drive to continually improve operator safety, fuel economy and vehicle emissions. Put simply, the scheme demonstrates that GAP is achieving and maintaining industry leading beat practice in efficient, sustainable and safe commercial vehicle fleet management.

All GAP Drivers participate in regular driver training and our Driver CPC course includes fuel efficient driving - meaning they acknowledge and contribute towards reducing our carbon footprint as a business. 

Emissions Compliance

GAP adopts the UK's CESAR ECV (Emissions Compliance Verification) scheme for operated equipment in our fleet. 

ECV is a clear and concise system used to easily identify the emission stage of a machine. CESAR ECV uses colour coded labels with a QR code to provide equipment users with information on the machine's emissions. As part of our goal to be net zero by 2040, we have installed CESAR ECV on our fleet across all UK locations, working in line with the emergence of Low Emission Zones and 'green' construction sites.