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At GAP, our employees' health, safety and wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to delivering excellent performance in health and safety through cooperation, communication and competence which are applied consistently throughout our operations. 

Hand Arm Vibration Calculator

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is a condition that affects people who regularly use vibratory equipment. Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome causes damage to nerves, blood vessels and joints of the hand, wrist and arm. This can cause extreme pain and distress to sufferers - especially in cold weather conditions

There are some key elements to note when using vibratory power tools which many people either overlook or simply do not know. Your health and wellbeing should always be the number one priority - never use a tool in the knowledge that you risk overexposing yourself or your employees to the damaging effects of HAVS.

Take a look at our Hand Arm Vibration Calculator to assess HAV Exposure from certain tools. 

Think Safe Golden Rules 

It is GAP's responsibility to provide relevant equipment and a safe working environment. It is everyone's responsibility to ensure our safety rules are followed at all times. 

To keep our employees safe, GAP introduced our Think Safe Golden Rules. The Think Safe Rules are designed to keep safety at the forefront of GAP employees minds at all times. 

Interactive Toolbox Talks

In an industry-first, GAP's Interactive Toolbox Talks are your go-to resource for a safer workplace. They are a fun and eye-catching way of engaging workers with health and safety regulations. 

Take a look and learn how to streamline protocols, assess risks and prioritise well-being effortlessly. Educate yourself on various topics to help you identify and assess health and safety risks. 

Mental Health 

To encourage wider and more open conversations around mental health, GAP launched our Health and Wellbeing Hub, available to all our employees to encourage them to think about their mental wellbeing. 

The GAP Wellbeing Hub contains stories from others who have experienced similar problems and provides a wealth of advice and knowledge for a number of issues. 

All GAP employees are provided with a confidential 24/7 helpline card which offers a free assistance programme for anyone, anytime. GAP also has a number of qualified Mental Health First Aiders working within the business, who are always available for a confidential chat. 


Since 2018, GAP has been awarded the RoSPA Gold Award. The internationally renowned RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) Awards Scheme acknowledges an organisation's accomplishments and excellence in health and safety, including practices such as leadership and workforce involevement. 

GAP has received the prestigious accolade in recognition of it's outstanding achievements and ongoing commitment to raising standards in health and safety. 

Trust in

The mental wellbeing of our workforce is just as much a priority for us as their physical safety and wellbeing. We want to reduce the barriers that might have prevented them from speaking out in the past and encourage them to be proactive about seeking help if they need it. We see our GAP Wellbeing Hub as an important step in lessening the stigma that exists around mental health in our industry.

Douglas Anderson, Joint Managing Director