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Ecosmart ZERO Welfare Unit

  • About

    The Ecosmart ZERO Welfare Unit is an advancement on traditional diesel-powered systems, combining solar and hydrogen fuel cell power to reduce costs and eliminate local carbon emissions.

    Together with AJC EasyCabin, we were the first to embark on the ZERO hydrogen welfare project in 2019. The industry is now embracing hydrogen welfare as a step towards net zero emissions; we are proud to be the driving force in this process.

    It was since named ‘Hire Industry Product of the Year’ at the 2020 Hire Association Europe and Event Hire Association Hire Awards of Excellence.

    As a result of winning multiple Green Apple awards. GAP has been asked by multiple customers to offer site welfare solutions that produce zero emissions at point of use, improving the environment for communities in the vicinity of their operations.

    Indeed, this innovative and environmentally friendly unit has all the benefits of an ECO Hybrid with ZERO emissions:

    • Zero carbon emissions: only water vapour
    • Zero fuel with solar panels: on summer days up to 100% of the power demands can be met from the solar panels
    • Near silent operations: very quiet with no vibrations
    • On-demand power and heat: on any appliance in the cabin
    • Low maintenance: only air filters need replacing
    • Safe and easy to re-fuel: hydrogen gas bottles, available from most gas suppliers
  • Customers' Experience

    Perfect for ultra-low-emissions zones, the revolutionary Ecosmart ZERO is the ideal hire solution for our customers in a wide range of sectors including construction, rail, events and utilities.

    A six weeklong field test has proven the power of solar when used with hydrogen powered machines. From 4th March to 12th April 2019, a GAP ZERO emission welfare unit was located at Heathrow Airport for a big construction group. The 6 weeks usage report stated that the solar absorption was so high during the trial that, the hydrogen fuel cell only activated a battery re-charge once and used 40% of 1 bottle. If there was no solar within the ZERO product, 6 bottles of hydrogen fuel would have been used instead. Or if there was a standard 6kVA diesel generator running 8 hours per day, then over 450 litres of diesel fuel would be used.

    The Ecosmart ZERO Welfare Unit and Solar Pod have also been hired by GAP’s customers, both with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

    The company’s Director of Sustainability and Procurement has stated:

    “GAP has met the challenge that we have set the industry to make innovative strides towards eradicating carbon from our business, the success of this trail enthuses our supply chain so that collaboratively we can set a standard that others can follow, GAP should be applauded for bringing this leading edge product to our business, in turn we have the most receptive client in welcoming innovative and progressive ideas yet another example of working better together!”

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