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Pump Services

  • About

    Pump Services, GAP’s newest division, primarily handles enquiries for pumps 4” and above for dewatering, hydraulic and sewage applications. Supplied by industry-leading manufacturers, GAP’s pumps are the most modern and efficient available, with Stage V engines and fitted with telematics systems to ensure complete control for the user.

    GAP Pump Services offers a 24/7/365 service, supported by a team of dedicated pumps experts.

    GAP continuously works to make its customers’ lives easier and forming specialist divisions, such as the new Pump Services, allows the hire company to meet the requirements of customers efficiently and effectively. Indeed, having already been heavily involved in the water and utilities industries, GAP has the precise knowledge and expertise to serve customers in this sector, helping them to cater to their needs even further.

  • Pumps in Action

    GAP recently partnered with a leading British Construction, Services and Property Group on a large project in the Northeast of England, which involved providing a solution for the dewatering of a man-made lagoon. The dewatering solution is part of the larger earthworks project which will allow building works to be carried out within the location.


  • Project Overview

    The full project, started in July 2022, will span approximately four years and GAP will be heavily involved during the preparation period as well as throughout the execution of the project.

    The primary focus was to present the cleanest possible water to re-enter the local water course, while also meeting or exceeding their carbon reduction goals. This was achieved by using the latest Stage V engine pumps and generators fuelled by HVO.

  • Pumps for the Environment

    GAP was able to provide the construction group with a solution that met their site criteria for cleaning and redistributing the lagoon’s water: the construction group elected to use a four-inch dewatering pump. Then, the water was pumped to the DMT80 Dosing Plant where it was chemically cleaned before going through the clarifiers for the final clean before being discharged into the local water course.

    GAP’s products are user-friendly and could be easily moved around the site by operatives from the construction group, which was crucial to complete this part of the project within the allocated time frame. GAP’s extensive and ever-growing depot network meant that the required products were available immediately, allowing the work to commence without delay.

  • Feedback

    GAP attended the site to review the results after the works had begun to confirm the equipment supplied met the construction group’s standards. In doing so, GAP was also able to collate feedback: the response about the equipment, service support and the clarity of the water being put back into the water course was very positive. The construction group very pleased to note that GAP had exceeded the site’s expectations.

    GAP appreciates the construction group’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and look forward to supplying them (and other customers) with more innovative and environmentally friendly products in the future.

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