GAP Group putting focus on technical & environmental divisions

GAP Hire Solutions, the largest independent hire company in the UK, is made up of ten different divisions with more than 146 locations throughout the UK.

Due to the expansion of the company’s technical and specialist divisions, and more focus being put on the growth of these, GAP’s Lifting & TIC, Survey & Safety, Trenching & Shoring, Event Services and Tanker Services divisions have been grouped into a new Technical and Environmental Services collective branch of the business.

Environmental & Technical Divisions

With this development, there will be no change to any of the individual divisions and they will continue to operate as standalone specialisms, with each continuing to expand to meet market demands.

All of these divisions are overlooked by Karen Greenshields whose new job title, due to this grouping, is now described as Technical and Environmental Services Managing Director.

Karen Greenshields

On these recent developments, Karen commented: This is a really positive step and supports the focus that GAP has on the growth within these divisions. I am delighted to be part of each of them and I thank everyone involved for all their support. We have a real opportunity to make each division bigger and better and I have no doubt we will continue to do that this year.”

The ‘technical’ aspect covers GAP’s Lifting & TIC, Survey & Safety and Trenching & Shoring divisions, whilst ‘environmental’ refers to Tanker Services which stands GAP in good stead with future plans for this division. The company’s Event Services division falls into both aspects, technical and environmental, as GAP will be driving more eco-friendly products into the events sector once it is back in full swing.