Fencing Accessories

Fencing accessories available for hire from GAP. Includes fencing couplers, rubber fencing blocks, fencing stabilisers, ballast blocks, anti-theft devices and flat fence stillage.

  • Boots required
  • Gloves required
  • Fencing Coupler: these are used to connect two temporary fence panels together.
  • Rubber Fencing Block: heavy duty blocks used to hold fence panels in place. Anti-trip blocks also available.
  • Fencing Stabiliser: the temporary fencing backstay provides extra stability to a fence panel
  • Ballast Block: a 'specially moulded' ballact block used to increase stability.
  • Anti-Theft Device: used to prevent panels being lifted from the panel feet with the use of a fence coupler
  • Flat Fence Stillage: allows fence panels to be stored securely and is ideal for events and plant yards.

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