CAT Detectors & Signal Generators

CAT detectors and signal generators available to hire from GAP are designed to assist in avoiding buried cables and pipes during excavation, reducing the risk of injury to personnel and damage to utilities.

  • Boots required
  • Gloves required
  • Hard hat required
  • The CAT detector is designed to detect signals – whether produced by the generator, inherently radiating from metallic services, or from the complimentary range of Sondes (Mice) and accessories designed to enable the location of non-conductive services.
  • StrikeAlert technology reduces the number of shallow cable strikes
  • Power boost function enables the locating signal to travel further and deeper
  • Full data logging for up to 2 years
  • CAT Manager app available to download on Android and iPhone on gCAT4 model
  • Dual frequency mode available designed to facilitate locatating small cables such as telecoms and street lighting

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