X-Eco Tower Light

The Trime X ECO Tower Light for hire from GAP is rugged, long-lasting and safe with the added technology that allows for maximum fuel efficiency and reliability. Very compact dimensions for easy handling and transporting, 14 units can be loaded on to a standard truck.

  • Boots required
  • Gloves required
  • 2 man mechanical lift
  • Emissions 336kg/month
  • Fuel Usage 0.55L/hrs
  • Fuel Cost £126/month

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Item X-Eco Tower Light
Code LI045

Lighting coverage 3800sqm
Run time high 200 hours | Fuel Tank Capacity: 110 litres
Height open 8.5m
Model Trime X-Eco Light
Weight 920kg
Power Noise level (dBA) at 7m: 65 dBA
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