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Eurovision 2023, Liverpool City Council

  • Project Details

    GAP Events Team, GAP Tanker Services and GAP Welfare Services, in collaboration with Liverpool City Council, joined forces to provide top-notch welfare and tanker services at the renowned Liverpool docks during the world-famous Eurovision 2023 competition.

    Known for its world-class facilities, such as the M&S Bank Arena and ACC Liverpool, Liverpool City Council received accolades for its innovative cultural program, its celebration of Ukrainian people, and the city's walkability. Given Liverpool's exceptional reputation in hosting large-scale cultural events, GAP felt honored to play a vital role in the city's plans for this prestigious occasion. 

    As part of the event grand shared vision, the Eurovision Village was created for the public to enjoy from May 5th to May 13th. This village was created on the Pier head site and consisted of activations, stages, live music, concessions and much more. This vibrant village boasted an array of activations, stages, live music, concessions, and much more, inviting the public to revel in the Eurovision excitement. To ensure the comfort of attendees, Liverpool City Council sought a trusted toilet hire company capable of providing toilets for the Eurovision Village and associated elements. 

  • Meeting the Specifications

    GAP rose to the occasion by meeting the following specifications flawlessly: 

    Mobile Recirc Toilets 

                                                                        • 4 x 4 + 2 or 3 +1 recirc toilets 
                                                                        • 1 x 3+1 +1 disabled access toilet  


    Plastic Toilets 

    • 110 Single Flush Toilets
    • 5 Single Flush Accessible Toilets
    • 15 x 4 station urinal units



    • 11 x 130 Plastic Toilet Servicing 
    • 18 Recirc toilet servicing 


    Through our Tanker Services, GAP serviced the toilets by sending three 26t tankers for each day of the event (from the 5th to the 15th of May), roughly removing 34,299 liters of waste. On prime day, GAP’s tankers arrived at 4am to ensure all toilets were serviced before Eurovision began. A variety of close depots (including Liverpool, Wallasey and Warrington) were involved to avoid interrupting the driver’s time regulations. 

    Not only did GAP fulfill all the requirements with ease, but we also extended our support to Liverpool's "Team Liverpool" approach. We actively participated in implementing strategies alongside residents, visitors, organisations, and community groups throughout the city to assist Liverpool City Council. As part of our commitment to social value, GAP contributed monetary donations, volunteered hours, and provided equipment and resources to charities based in Liverpool and the surrounding areas. 

    During our engagement with Liverpool City Council, we provided the following services and donations, ensuring a seamless experience for all: 

    • Our dedicated teams worked tirelessly within the event production schedule, adhering to given timelines. 
    • We attended pre-planning meetings to guarantee the smooth-running of the event. 
    • On-site, we efficiently installed and derigged the required equipment within the designated timescales. 
    • All equipment supplied adhered to industry standards and BS Standard regulations. 
    • The GAP Events team, along with necessary equipment like telehandlers, played a crucial role in constructing and dismantling various structures. 
    • We skillfully arranged the delivery and collection of materials, aligning with the constraints of the production schedule. 
    • GAP took charge of janitorial services for the event, deploying four cleaning operatives for up to 12 hours each day. 
    • Our contractors promptly provided product-specific technical and safety documentation upon request. 
    • In addition, we generously made significant donations to Liverpool and the surrounding areas' charities. For instance, between January and April 2023, we donated £5,500 to seven charities in Liverpool. 
    • Demonstrating our commitment to community development, we engaged in projects with organizations like Volunteer It Yourself, offering our services free of charge to support the Liverpool and surrounding areas' community. Furthermore, we proudly sponsor a youth club in the region. 
  • Conclusion

    The successful partnership between GAP Events Team, GAP Tanker Services, and Liverpool City Council brought forth exceptional results for Eurovision 2023. By seamlessly meeting the toilet hire specifications and going above and beyond to support the city's initiatives, GAP demonstrated its commitment to excellence and community impact. The combined efforts ensured that attendees enjoyed a memorable and comfortable experience, elevating the stature of Liverpool as a host city for grand cultural events.