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12' Solar Welfare Unit


Key Features

  • Canteen facilities for six with separate toilet and drying room
  •  Solar hybrid patent pending technology for sustainable free energy to power the electronics.

Incorporates numerous environmentally friendly features to reduce emissions, maintenance, fuel consumption, generator hours and noise pollution.


Full Description

The Battery Condition Monitoring system automatically turns the generator on and off, taking the control of it away from the operator and ensuring an economical solution  The generator is only turned on to power 240V appliances or to recharge the unit's batteries. Thermostatically controlled hot water to stainless steel sink. High Cycle AGM batteries.

Other benefits include:

  • PIR activated LED lights run for six hours without the generator
  • Re-circulating flush tank toilet - 170 litre capacity
  • Thermostatically controlled heating
  • Unique hydraulic axles for setup in 30 seconds

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