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AutoDEF - The Automatic AdBlue Replenishment System


Key Features

  • Compatible with all Stage V engine makes and models
  • Quick and easy install
  • Telemetry fitted as standard 
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts 
  • Usage reports 

AutoDEF eliminates the need for manual replenishment of Ad-Blue on all compatible Stage V Generators and Pumps with no configuration required for different engine makes and models. With very little installation needed, AutoDEF, in conjunction with an IBC, reduces manual intervention by up to 90%, saving you time and money. 


Full Description

With the added benefit of our Fluid Smart Telemetry (FST) System, which is fitted as standard, users can also remotely monitor the current status of the AutoDEF system; this includes IBC levels and the connected diesel driven asset (Generator or Pump) in real-time, from anywhere in the world, eliminating the risk of running out of AdBlue on site.