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Escape Set 15 Minute


Key Features

  • Audible and visual alarms 
  • High-vis look soft carry bag
  • Auto-activate when bag is opened 

In case of emergency, this Escape Set enables the wearer to endure environments without breathable air for up to 15 minutes, providing respiratory  protection during evacuation from toxic surroundings. 


Full Description

Working in confined spaces can pose significant threats, and escape sets (also known as breathing sets) offer added reassurance and can save lives. Signalling with audible and visual alerts when hazardous gas is detected, upon opening the carry bag, the cylinder automatically activates, releasing air through the pressure reducer valve allowing for rapid evacuation. In emergencies, these sets provide a 15-minute oxygen reserve, ensuring individuals can safely evacuate environments filled with smoke or toxic gases. Designed for ease of use in emergencies, they feature a Velcro fastening for easy access. Offering a safe and unobstructed exit from dangerous environments where the ability to breathe is compromised. Users must receive proper training before using this. Duration whistles alert when air is depleted, while the set is stored in a high-visibility soft carry bag for quick identification. Note, there is an additional charge for re-gas and sterilisation.