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Slew Restrictor


Key Features

• Real-time machine position monitored giving immediate warning of approach
• Audible and visual alarm at or near limits
• Full data logging of all actions including alarms and limit warnings
• Displays safe movement options when at or near limits
• Complex slew profiles (e.g. dual wall) possible
• Multiple duties possible for alternative boom and tool configurations


The PME400 combines reliable height and slew technologies to provide real-time protection for both operators and equipment. These systems effectively safeguard against hazards above and around the machine. 


Full Description

The PME400 comes with standard hydraulic motion cuts, and will automatically stop the machine when it reaches its preset limit. The machine has a real-time display of both height and slew and indicates safe direction of movement when at limits. 

Similar Products

  • Key Features

    • Simple operation
    • Audio and visual alarms
    • Optional motion cut for extra safety
    • Key switch operation allows preset limits to be set and only altered by an authorised person