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Machine Mounted Laser Detector


Key Features

  • 200° reception angle
  • Patented plumb indicators
  • Two detection accuracies
  • Ultra-bright LED indicators
  • 48-hour battery life

Used in conjunction with construction lasers, Machine Mounted Laser Detectors work in conjunction with laser levels and transmitters. The detector allows for excavation depth control when operating compact excavators and backhoes, all from the comfort of the cab.


Full Description

The Leica MC200 is an essential tool in construction and excavation projects where accurate grading, leveling and slope control are necessary. This detector improves efficiency, accuracy and safety of tasks whilst reducing the need for manual measurements and adjustments. Attached to the boom, the detector will alarm and illuminate, notifying the operator when they have reached an optimal digging depth. These are essential when excavating in areas with buried service cables.

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