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Rope 70m Lift/ Pull Machine - 1.6t


Key Features

  • Rope length: 70m
  • Max load capacity: 1600kgs 
  • Extended reach 
  • High elevation tasks

Manage lift effortlessly with the Rope 70m Lift/Pull Machine. Equipped with the ability to lift or pull 1600kgs with a durable 60-metre rope, it is suited for remote lifting operations. 


Full Description

The Rope 70 Lift/Pull Machine is a robust solution designed to meet the demands of heavy lifting and precise pulling tasks. With a sturdy capacity of 1.6 tonnes and an extensive 70 metres of premium rope, it's engineered for versatility and reliability. Ideal for operations with extended reach requirements, such as large construction sites or industrial facilities, where the lifting point is distant from the anchor. It excels in high elevation tasks, ensuring efficient utilisation of the entire rope length when lifting loads to significant heights.

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