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Rescue Harness


Key Features

  • User weight - 59-140kg 
  • 2-bar torso adjuster 
  • Rescue Yoke or Strap for extraction 

A versatile, full-body safety harness designed for comfortable use in various tasks, including fall prevention, rescue and restraint.


Full Description

GAP's Rescue Harness is adjustable, offering sizes to ensure a comfortable fit. Equipped with front and rear D-rings, and a rescue yoke or rescue straps, they serve as ideal fall or restraint solution when working at height. The Rescue Yoke or Strap allows rescuers to securely connect a rescue system for lifting the person in need. Harnesses and lanyards vary depending on the work task to be carried out so ensure you select the correct one determined by conducting a relevant risk assessment. If in doubt, call our specialist team on 0844 251 1210 for advice on which model is best suited to your needs. These items are also available to buy.

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