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Stretcher Kit


Key Features

  • Load capacity - 400kg
  • Ability to roll both ways 
  • Multiple strong handles 
  • Adjustable straps 

A sturdy, portable and lightweight stretcher kit. Its flexible material and smooth finish enable effortless sliding and allow the stretcher to be rolled either widthways or lengthways for quick and easy transport, where individuals need to be moved safely a securely. 


Full Description

Stretcher Kit includes Slix100 Stretcher, Hauling Straps, Slix100 Roll Top Bag and Rolled Stretcher with sewn carry handle.  For use in situations where workers have been injured and need to be moved safely and securely, this Stretcher Kit is robust, compact and lightweight. The flexible material combined with a smooth finish allows easy sliding and permits the stretcher to be  rolled widthways or lengthways. With no webbing underneath, there's no drag, allowing the stretcher to effortlessly glide across any surface without concerns about damage. Numerous strong handles enables teamwork during rescue scenarios, ensuring the injured person can be transported with ease. Compliant with CE93 42 EEC Class 1.