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Trench Roller


Key Features

  • Straight side design gives excellent access
  • Remote controlled to ensure complete operator safety and reduced HAVs

The Wacker Neuson RTSC30 is a smart, remote-controlled Trench Roller. This roller offers heavy-duty rolls and efficient compaction capabilities to ensure stable and secure foundations in trenches and tight spaces. These machines are suited for the compaction of heavy, cohesive soils and clays. 


Full Description

The RT Roller ensures dependable compaction outcomes while prioritising safety. The compact design allows these Rollers to navigate through narrow trenches, providing precise compaction. They play a pivotal role in enhancing safety, preventing ground setting and maintaining the integrity of buried utilities. The roller is equipped with padfoot drums, which incorporates an excited below the axle in each drum, facilitating the efficient transmission of compaction energy for exceptional compaction results.