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A Greener Path: How to Make Environmentally-Friendly Choices with GAP

In an age where environmental responsibility is paramount, making eco-conscious choices isn't just a preference—it's a necessity. At GAP, we're on a mission to provide innovative hire solutions that empower our customers to achieve their environmental goals. Join us as we explore our commitment to sustainability and the eco-friendly choices that can make a significant difference.

GAP’s Sustainability Commitment

Our 2023 Sustainability Plan sets the stage for our commitment to a greener future. Our priorities include:

  • Climate Action
  • Sustainable Consumption
  • Circularity
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Responsible Hire Services
  • Trust

GAP’s Eco Initiatives

For nearly 14 years, GAP Group has demonstrated our firm commitment to the highest environmental governance standards. We’re continuously taking proactive steps to minimise our environmental footprint across our 10 divisions, establishing ourselves as a leading, progressive hire company in the UK. Our ongoing sustainability initiatives includes:

  • ISO 14001
  • Renewable Energy
  • Waster Disposal
  • Paperless Operations Vehicle Fleet & Fuel Emissions

If you're looking for a hire company that takes your sustainability goals seriously, trust in GAP.

Choose Sustainable Product Options

In recent years, we have introduced a range of eco-conscious products designed to make your site more environmentally friendly. Consider battery powered products as an alternative to diesel operated products. Battery-powered products produce no direct carbon emissions while in use, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Battery-powered products often comply with strict regulations on emissions, eliminating the need for additional equipment. GAP has a variety of battery-powered products from our Plant and Tools range including Dumpers, Telehandlers, Cut-Off Saws, Rammers and more.  

Take a look at our Eco and Innovative Products Catalogue for further details.

Invest in Solar

Solar Powered products harness clean, renewable energy, eliminating the need for traditional grid electricity or fuel. Making them highly-energy efficient and cost-effective. Solar power means these products produce no harmful emissions, reducing your site’s overall environmental impact.

Explore GAP’s range of Solar Tower Lights, ideal for areas where CO2 emissions must be minimised. Additionally, our Solar and Zero Welfare Units reduce carbon emissions and fuel usage.

Introduce Stage V

GAP’s latest division, Pump Services, offers the largest, most modern fleet of Stage V pumps, equipped with solar panels and telematics. Stage V engines are built to release fewer pollutants, improving air quality and reducing environmental impact. Stage V also ensures compliance with more local and national regulations, helping you avoid fines and legal issues.

A number of our Plant equipment, including Telehandlers, Dumpers and Excavators are also available with the eco-friendly Stage V engine. Opting for Stage V engines demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility and aligns with global efforts to combat climate change.

Sustainable Transportation

As part of our sustainability strategy, GAP is moving toward a zero-carbon vehicle fleet. Choosing GAP are your national hire partner reduces emission outputs during equipment delivery and collection. Our Transport Team prioritizes eco-friendly vehicle procurement, minimising pollution and environmental harm. Our modern and innovative fleet is designed with the environment in mind.

Long-term Sustainability

When it comes to sustainability, we should all be thinking long-term. With our aim to achieve Net Zero across our entire value chain by 2050, GAP Hire Solutions is the partner for your sustainability journey. Our gradual transition to a zero-carbon fleet and carbon data-driven purchasing decisions mean you'll not only get the job done, but also align with your sustainability goals.

Learn more about GAP’s Environmental Impact.

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