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Aerial Insights: Drones Revolutionising Survey and Safety

Aerial Surveys have quickly revolutionised the field of surveying across recent years. They offer a cost-effective and efficient way to collect data for various surveying applications.

GAP Hire Solutions proudly announces the addition of cutting-edge drones to our Survey and Safety hire fleet, featuring DJI's flagship Matrice 350 RTK and the compact yet powerful Mavic 3 Enterprise.

A New Perspective on Surveying

Aerial Imagery: Capturing the Unseen

Our drones are equipped with large, high sensitivity image sensors that capture aerial imagery and videos of the survey area with increased definition even when taken at high speed or in dim conditions. Larger pixel sizes and faster mechanical shutters combine to produce images and videos for diverse surveying tasks— from land use planning to environmental assessments and the creation of precise 2D maps or intricate 3D models.

Precision Elevated: Improved Accuracy   

Accuracy is further improved due to drones being equipped with RTK enabled GPS and advanced IMU sensors which can provide highly accurate geospatial data. In surveying, precision is key, especially in applications like land boundary assessments and construction layout. Our drones deliver highly accurate geospatial data, setting new standards for reliability.

Efficiency: Time and Cost Savings

In comparison to traditional survey applications, drones offer greater cost benefits. One singular drone can be sufficient for conducting aerial surveys, as opposed to an extensive and expensive variety of equipment. The team required for the use of a drone is also reduced as only a small team, or sometimes only the pilot, is required when working with a drone. This leads to a further reduction in human resources costs. Traditional surveying methods often require ground-based measurements and manual data collection, which can be labour-intensive and time-consuming.

Safety Beyond Boundaries

The enhanced safety offered by drone surveying cannot be overstated. By reducing the necessity for human presence in hazardous environments, drones access hard-to-reach or dangerous locations, mitigating risks for on-site surveyors. Whether navigating busy roads or construction sites, drones excel in collecting data from a safe distance, minimising the potential for accidents or injuries.

Real-Time Insights: The Power of Now

Drone technology's real-time data transmission capability empowers surveyors with swift information capture, transmission, and processing. This immediacy proves invaluable for time-sensitive projects, enabling quick decision-making and, consequently, enhancing overall project outcomes..

Elevate Your Surveying Game with GAP

In summary, drones have revolutionised surveying, presenting a cost-effective, efficient, safe and accurate alternative for data capture for various applications. Embrace the future of surveying with GAP Hire Solutions and explore the boundless possibilities our drone fleet brings to your projects.

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