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Driving Change: Join GAP Hire Solutions in Supporting Road Safety Week

GAP Hire Solutions is proud to be supporting Road Safety Week to raise awareness of the dangers of excessive and inappropriate speed.

Road Safety Week is Brake’s biggest road safety campaign. It serves as a crucial reminder of the importance of staying safe on our roads. The theme for this year’s campaign is Speed. Five people lose their lives on UK roads every day.

So why do so many still think speeding is ok? we're sharing essential tips for responsible driving

Obey Speed Limits

Speed limits are in place to guarantee safe driving under specific road conditions. Always adhere to these limits.

Adjust to Road Conditions

Stay vigilant to road and weather conditions, adjusting your speed accordingly. In adverse weather, heavy traffic, or on winding roads, reduce speed for heightened safety.

Observe School Zones

Slow down in school zones, especially if you are driving during school hours. Children may be less aware of traffic rules and could unexpectedly enter the road.

Maintain a Safe Following Distance

Ensure there's ample space between your vehicle and those in front of you. Adequate space gives you time to react if the vehicle in front suddenly stops or slow down.

Slow Down in Work Zones

Pay close attention to work zones and reduce your speed as directed by notified signs which indicate works and equipment are present.

Adapt to Pedestrian Crosswalks

Reduce speed when approaching pedestrian crosswalks and be prepared to stop for pedestrians.

Stay Within Your Comfort Zone

Drive at a speed that you feel comfortable with. Don’t feel pressured to exceed the speed limit.

Plan Your Trip

Plan your journey to allow for any unexpected delays without the need to speed. Leave with ample time to ensure you are not rushed.

Driving at an appropriate speed is foundational to road safety. Every instance of exceeding the speed limit or driving too fast for conditions elevates the risk of accidents, potentially leading to severe consequences. Regardless of your destination, always consider your speed.

No matter where you are driving, always consider your speed.

Discover more about Road Safety Week, and how you can get involved, here.

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