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GAP Group achieve Gold Status for the Supply Chain School’s Plant Commitment Charter

GAP Hire Solutions, the UK’s leading independent hire company, has once again been awarded Gold Status for the Supply Chain School’s Plant Commitment Charter. This accomplishment reflects their dedication to sustainable business practices and environmentally responsible operations.

In their pursuit of Gold Status, GAP Hire Solutions excelled in all four core commitments outlined in the Charter: Minimum Standard, Engagement, Awareness and Education, and Innovation. Their submission provided compelling evidence of their efforts, resulting in a perfect score.

The company's achievements include impactful engagement activities that led to at least two tangible changes in procurement or hire decisions, favouring lower emission plant options. Furthermore, they executed up to four training activities that effectively engaged employees and promoted the adoption of sustainable practices. GAP also contributed by sharing valuable information on reducing embodied carbon.

This achievement enables GAP to share their sustainability related knowledge with their supply chain. By doing so, they help them understand how sustainable business practices can yield cost savings, enhance equipment efficiency, and mitigate risks.

The Charter has been created by the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s Plant Group to lead the way for the UK’s built environment to drastically reduce onsite emissions that are harmful to human health and the planet. The four commitments set rigorous standards for engine purchases within the GAP Group fleet, with a focus on reducing air quality impacts and carbon emissions.

GAP’s vision is to be the UK’s most innovative hire solutions provider, with a focus on reducing their environmental impact on the world as their business continues to grow. This achievement coincides with the Group publishing their recent Sustainability Update which outlines how GAP Hire Solutions are forging a sustainable future. By collaborating with their customers, GAP is making a positive impact on future generations by promoting cleaner and more sustainable hire services.

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