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GAP Group successfully completes two-year HVO trial

GAP is pleased to announce that they have completed the longest and most detailed real-life trial of HVO fuel in the hire industry.

GAP Hire Solutions, the largest independent hire company in the UK, is pleased to announce that it has completed the longest and most detailed real-life trial of HVO fuel in the hire industry.

For two years, GAP has been carrying out a trial on the use of alternative fuel, HVO, on all of its hire equipment and commercial vehicles at its 4hire depot in Jersey on the Channel Islands. Within this time, in excess of 40,000 litres of HVO fuel has been consumed throughout the trial in our plant and machinery.

Mark Anderson, Managing Director North, stated: “Following the trial, GAP is pleased to re-confirm that Green D+ HVO fuel can be used to top up all our hire diesel equipment. HVO is fully compatible with all existing equipment meaning using this fuel alternative is an easy switch. There is no need to clean the fuel tanks prior to switching, customers can just refill their tanks with HVO and continue operations with no damage to any machinery.”

HVO is a fossil free paraffinic fuel made from 100% renewable raw materials. It is a more sustainable, high quality of fuel which is suitable for all diesel-powered engines. As it is produced from waste fats and vegetable oils, HVO is a cleaner fuel than diesel or FAME (fatty acid methyl ester, AKA biodiesel).

Adding to GAP’s ever-growing eco-friendly product portfolio, the hire company has recently introduced Green D+ HVO Fuel boxes to its fleet to supply to customers.

The benefits of HVO are numerous and include:

  • No loss of power when using HVO, machinery will perform the same as with diesel fuel
  • 30% reduction in NOx
  • 86% reduction in particulate matter
  • 90% reduction in CO2e
  • No deterioration over time
  • It will not separate and freeze, thus not clogging filters in the process
  • Meets international fuel standards such as ASTM D975 and EN 15940 and is certified by the ISCC

Mark continued: “From 1st April 2022, the construction industry, including hire companies, can no longer use, top up or supply subsidised red diesel or red HVO. Currently, HVO is going to be taxed the same as white diesel following the red diesel/HVO subsidy removal for construction. However, there is growing support to subsidise the use of HVO and GAP remains at the forefront of these discussions.”

With the success of the hire company’s trial, resulting in no damage to any machinery, GAP is leading the way with HVO fuel, helping to reach its goal of becoming net-zero by 2040 and reduce its own as well as its customers’ carbon footprint.

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