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GAP Hire Solutions leading the way through innovation

GAP Hire Solutions is the UK’s first hire company to invest in the Ecosmart ZERO, the world’s first solar and hydrogen powered welfare unit.

GAP Hire Solutions is the UK’s first hire company to invest in the Ecosmart ZERO, the world’s first solar and hydrogen powered welfare unit (patent pending).

Available in sizes 12ft to 22.9ft, the Ecosmart ZERO is an advancement on traditional diesel-powered systems. Ken Stewart, GAP’s Head of Procurement, explained: “At GAP, we are continually challenging ourselves and our suppliers to explore more innovative products, processes and services, ensuring that we assist our customers in meeting their environmental targets and statutory obligations.

“Our new Ecosmart ZERO Welfare Units are powered entirely by both solar and hydrogen fuel cell power, meaning they are completely silent and emission free at point of use. This is a great example of supplier collaboration and innovation in bringing this product to the marketplace.

In March 2019, the Ecosmart ZERO was delivered to a Morgan Sindall construction site near Heathrow Airport for a six-week trial period. This allowed one of GAP’s major customers to examine, test and use the product in an emissions sensitive environment prior to committing to an order. Morgan Sindall was very impressed with the fuel efficiency savings delivered. A case study detailing the usage report and total local CO2 emissions saved can be found here.

Graham Edgell, Director of Sustainability and Procurement at Morgan Sindall, summarised: “GAP has met the challenge that we have set the industry, to make innovative strides towards eradicating carbon from our business. The success of this trial enthuses our supply chain so that collaboratively we can set a standard that others can follow.

“GAP should be applauded for bringing this leading-edge product to our business; in turn we have the most receptive client in welcoming innovative and progressive ideas”.

GAP collaborated in partnership with AJC EasyCabin to develop the innovative Ecosmart ZERO Welfare Units, which are designed and built in the UK.

Following the successful trial, Kevin Napier, Project Manager at Morgan Sindall, commented: “I’m very pleased with how the Ecosmart ZERO performed. We had the unit on our site for six weeks and had no issues. The build quality was great as were the amenities. The team was especially pleased with the USB sockets! The unit was silent at all times, even when the heating was on. It was also easy to move and setup. We also received weekly reports on energy consumption and CO2 usage which was ZERO! I would highly recommend this unit to others.”

Perfect for ultra-low-emissions zones, the revolutionary Ecosmart ZERO is the ideal hire solution for customers in a wide range of sectors including construction, rail, events and utilities.

GAP’s Ken Stewart continued: “GAP is committed to responding to our customer’s exacting requirements, ensuring our equipment fleet incorporates leading-edge technology and innovative design which are compliant with ever changing legislation.

“Following fantastic customer feedback, we have now added a number of Ecosmart ZERO Welfare Units to our extensive fleet holding. To keep pace with customer requirements, GAP will continue to add to our fleet holding as required and in line with financial constraints. As the sole supplier in the hire industry for these units, we anticipate high and sustained demand.”

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