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GAP Survey: Leading Accuracy in Construction

The role of Survey & Safety is a key component of every construction project. GAP’s extensive range of survey instruments support all phases of construction projects, and various project types. In this blog, we will explore the role GAP’s Survey & Safety division plays, and how data accuracy can lead to success.

Why does Data Accuracy matter?

Whilst surveying may not be at the top of your priority list when beginning construction works, its importance cannot be underestimated. Having incorrect, or no, data can have serious consequences for your project outcomes. Making decisions based on inaccurate data can lead to delays at various stages of your construction project, whether it is incorrect measurements or material quantities, this can result in time and money-consuming setbacks, which then lead to budget overruns. Moreover, working with wrong data can lead to safety hazards due to improper placements of structures which compromises the safety of your team.

The Role of GAP’s Survey Division

GAP’s Survey & Safety division is on site at every phase of a construction project, from the initial surveys, construction and onto structural monitoring. Before any construction can go ahead, topographical surveys and mapped site investigations must be conducted for design and planning consent purposes. Once the construction phase begins our instruments are vital for setting out foundations and for ongoing construction verification surveys. Even when a project is completed and delivered, surveying continues to monitor structural settlement to identify and prevent any structural deformation. GAP’s fleet of instruments are of the highest quality and specification available on the market, so you can ensure that the data gathered is both accurate and reliable. Furthermore, GAP’s technical team of survey experts are available to offer advice and support throughout your project to ensure that it runs seamlessly without any significant downtime.

Ensuring Precision

Our extensive fleet of surveying equipment is sourced from industry-leading suppliers, including Leica and Trimble, who we work in close partnership with. Some of the equipment which is available for hire from GAP Survey & Safety includes our Machine Control solutions. We can supply and support various Machine Control Systems which offer the ultimate user experience grade control systems. Our Survey depots also boast a fleet of Leica and Trimble survey grade Laser Scanners, which enable 3D data capture faster than ever. We also have training and support available from our scanning specialists within our technical survey team. Finally, the latest addition to GAP’s Survey & Safety fleet is our range of DJI drones and sensors, which are suited to enable more aerial survey tasks, with numerous options available suited to your project requirements.

Benefits of Data Accuracy in Construction Projects

Accurate data is fundamental to the success of any construction project, ensuring a smooth transition from one phase of work to the next. Confidence in your data enables you to make informed decisions at every stage of your project, which in turn enables more precise cost estimations and monitoring, improving financial forecasting. Utilising accurate data on your project allows for resources to be allocated appropriately, including materials, equipment and manpower, minimising waste and maximising productivity. As a result of these, high-quality construction results are achieved, delivering client satisfaction.

You can explore GAP’s complete fleet of Survey & Safety equipment, here.

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