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Keep Cool and Carry On – Cooling Products Summer Blog

GAP Hire Solutions has numerous products to help you keep temperatures down, whether you’re in an office, warehouse, or industrial setting.

With the arrival of summer comes warmer weather and the possibility of temperatures soaring. Everyone wants their workplace to be a comfortable place so when the mercury starts to rise, employers should provide appropriate cooling equipment to keep employees cool, happy and productive in all working environments.

We understand that in certain circumstances staying hydrated, dressing appropriately and eating lighter simply isn’t enough when conditions become extremely hot, especially in business premises with many people around generating heat. GAP Hire Solutions has numerous products that can help you to keep temperatures down, whether you’re in an office, warehouse, or an industrial setting.

How GAP can cool you down

  • Air Conditioning Unitscreate a pleasant working environment when an indoor temperature is too high. They work quietly to deliver refrigerated, dry air and are easily transported, helping to control the temperature during hot weather. Coming complete with automatic thermostat controls, this is a stress-free way to help regulate your surrounding area’s temperature. 

Air Con Unit

  • Evaporative Coolers: control indoor temperatures by distributing cool, moistened air throughout their environment, providing a refreshing water vapour that helps cool interiors during hot and dry summer days. These units do not require any ventilation, as a result they are ideal for offices, without the need to open windows. If your workplace has no external ventilation available, evaporative coolers are the ideal product for you.  

Evaporative Cooler

  • Cooling Fansits gentle circulation of air is enough to reduce a room’s heat to a manageable temperature. They include three speed settings that allow for an optimum level of circulation. Top tip! To cool your environment down even further you can place a large bowl full of ice in front of your cooling fan so that the circulating air travels through the ice, producing colder air. 

Floor Cooling Fan

What you can do

There are various actions you can take to ensure the above products are giving you the best result possible. For example:

  • If possible, reduce direct sunlight coming into your workplace. Direct sunlight generates much higher temperatures so try to avoid this by closing your blinds or curtains to prevent the sunlight from coming through the windows and increasing the heat.
  • Aim to keep all doors and windows shut whenever possible. Openings into/out of the room or area you are trying to cool down will allow for hot air to enter and cool air to escape. This means the cool air produced by the above products won’t hang around for long.

Things to think about when working out your cooling requirements

When deciding what equipment and how many of each you’ll need for the area you are looking to cool down, especially a working/office area, you should take into consideration the following:

  • How many people occupy the area day to day?
  • In the area needing to be cooled, how many devices are there that will produce heat, such as computers and printers?
  • The number of windows in the area that will be letting in direct sunlight and how much direct sunlight this will result in

The feeling of being too hot and stuffy is an experience everyone can relate to. Following the above advice and using the previously mentioned products from GAP can help you to make yourself and those around you feel more comfortable at work during the upturn in temperatures.

Don’t be hot and bothered this summer. To view GAP’s cooling products, have a look at our online catalogue here.

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