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Major customer trials zero emissions electric excavator from GAP Group

GAP Group has supplied major account Colas Ltd with a JCB electric mini excavator for trial on the A46 Stoneleigh Junction improvement works.

GAP Hire Solutions, the UK’s largest independent hire company, constantly works to reduce its own as well as its customers’ carbon footprint. Working with its suppliers, GAP aims to provide customers with environmentally conscious equipment options to allow a reduction in carbon emissions and environmental impact across their sites and projects.

GAP has supplied one of its major customers, Colas Ltd, with a purpose-built electric excavator for use at the £38m scheme for major improvement works to the A46 Stoneleigh Junction being delivered by Colas SIAC.

A46 Colas Project - Electric Mini Excavator

The new 19C-1E from JCB is the industry’s first fully electric mini excavator. The model that GAP has supplied to Colas includes the enhanced fast charger which allows it to work all day on a single charge. The project team have been impressed by the performance. Colas CEO, Carl Fergusson, said: “Developing environmentally friendly solutions has the highest priority at Colas. The project team at the A46 have welcomed the opportunity to have this new electric mini excavator on behalf of the rest of Colas Ltd and have used it for a number of site activities to further extend our understanding of the best use for this important zero emissions solution.”

JCB is leading the way in clean technology and reducing harmful emissions. In addition to zero carbon emissions, the innovative mini excavator also reduces noise levels by 7db. Colas is trialling this excavator from GAP for multiple uses, such as minor road works in the regional business and within the Colas UK Projects business for major schemes.

GAP Electric Mini Excavator

Mark Anderson, Managing Director North, at GAP commented: GAP’s aim is to be net zero by 2040 and we are always working with this in mind. On a regular basis, we work closely with suppliers and customers to introduce new environmentally friendly products to the various industries and sectors we operate in.

GAP is delighted to be collaborating with Colas, encouraging use of this innovative and environmental product throughout the construction industry and beyond.”

GAP and Colas have a long-standing relationship, with both companies having similar views on reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact in general. The supply of the mini electric excavator is just one example of how GAP supports Colas to achieve their environmental goals.

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