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Navigating Regulatory Compliance: How TIC Solutions Ensure Adherence to Standards

GAP’s LEEA Qualified TIC Engineers are on hand to test, inspect and certify your equipment when you need it. Through technical and regulatory expertise, our TIC team supports customers in guaranteeing the reliability and durability of their equipment. In this blog, we explore how TIC solutions enable you to meet regulatory compliance.


For certain equipment, a load test is necessary before it can legally enter service. Our dedicated team of experts specialises in testing various equipment, including runway beams, forklift jibs and more. You can trust in GAP’s skilled professionals to ensure the safety and reliability of your equipment and adhere to relevant regulations, including the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER).


Our TIC Team conducts over 100,000 inspections annually in compliance with Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER)/PUWER/PPE regulations. Our team will proactively reach out to you, providing sufficient notice to schedule an engineer and managing all aspects of your equipment inspection. This ensures a hassle-free experience and peace of mind for our valued customers.


Certification is available instantly through our ‘TIC Online’ website, which is equipped with user-friendly features such as item, site and equipment type search functionalities. Our team facilitates efficient quoting for repair or replacement of failed equipment, minimising downtime. Additionally, purchased equipment is seamlessly added to the system with the manufacturer’s declaration of conformity attached, ensuring traceability from the day the items enter service.

Expert Knowledge of Regulations

Our experienced team receive all the necessary training so they can test, install, repair, service, design, fabricate, supply and calibrate lifting and working at height equipment. Their deep knowledge of relevant regulations and standards mean’s you can rest assured that your equipment is completely safe for use. Our Mobile Engineers have the skills and experience to be deemed competent in accordance with regulations.  

Continuous Monitoring and Improvement

We ensure we stay on top of all relevant regulatory compliance updates through vigilant monitoring to ensure continuous regulatory compliance. This includes staying up-to-date on changes to regulations, conducting regular assessments and implementing improvements as needed.

In conclusion, GAP has robust systems and processes in place to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements relevant to our industry and operations. This ensures the safety, quality and legality of our lifting equipment fleet.

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