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Non-Mechanical: Empowering Construction Projects with Versatile Solutions

The use of Non-Mechanical equipment plays a crucial role on construction sites for a number of reasons. Non-Mechanical equipment can be utilised when approaching adaptive construction situations, as these emphasise flexibility, responsiveness and innovation that aid in meeting the challenges of construction projects. GAP’s Non-Mech range includes barriers and fencing, ground protection and trestles and staging.

The Role of Fencing and Barriers

GAP’s range of Fencing and Barriers is primarily used to establish boundaries and restrict unauthorised access to construction sites, improving safety and reducing the risk of accidents occurring onsite. Given the legal requirements mandating the installation of sufficient fencing for safety compliance on many construction sites, GAP’s barriers and fencing assist in meeting these regulations. Security fencing can also be used to prevent theft, vandalism, and trespassing on the construction site, which safeguards equipment, materials and assets.

The Benefits of Ground Protection

Ground Protection solutions are used to safeguard terrain from damage which may be caused by heavy machinery, vehicles and foot traffic during construction projects. GAP’s offering includes bog mats, road plates, track mats and more that improve access and mobility as they create stable surfaces for vehicle movement across the site, allowing for access to all areas of your site. Moreover, these ground protection options can be used to create temporary roadways or pathways, which enable the transportation and movement of machinery and equipment with ease.

Trestles and Staging Triumph

Our fleet of trestles and staging typically provides temporary support for heavy materials, equipment or workers at elevated heights. Due to their various sizes and designs, they offer versatility and support for a variety of tasks. Trestles and staging boards are adjustable and customisable, meaning they can be altered to suit the specific requirements of your site, including different heights, configurations and load capacities. Furthermore, GAP’s trestles and staging boards provide enhanced safety and stability through guardrails, toe boards, and access ladders.

GAP’s Non-Mechanical equipment proves itself an invaluable tool when working on adaptive construction sites. Offering an incredible variety of benefits, including safety, versatility and accessibility.

Explore our range of Non-Mechanical equipment here, and contact our team at for all hire enquiries.

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