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Relocation for GAP Group’s Hatton Cross depots

GAP Hire Solutions has recently completed a relocation of its three depots in Hatton Cross to a location in Feltham, Heathrow.

GAP Hire Solutions, the UK’s largest independent rental company, has recently completed a relocation of its three depots in Hatton Cross to a location in Feltham.

The hire company previously had a Lifting depot, a Survey & Safety depot and a Tools & Access depot in Heathrow Trading Estate, all under the name Hatton Cross, with a separate Plant & Tools depot in another Heathrow location on Shield Road in Middlesex.

Gavin Smith, GAP’s Property Manager, commented: “GAP’s three Hatton Cross depots have moved from Heathrow Trading Estate to a new site, Mount Road Industrial Estate in Feltham, as this location is more suitable and appropriately sized for the purpose intended.

It is a newly refurbished unit which allows us to meet the increasing demand for our services in London, with a secure yard and good access to the main truck routes just off the M3.”

These three GAP depots, Lifting, Survey & Safety and Tools & Access, will still be offering customers the same range of market-leading equipment and delivery as at the Hatton Cross location. The only difference, other than the address, will be the names: Hatton Cross Lifting & TIC will change to Heathrow Lifting & TIC and Hatton Cross Survey & Safety will become Heathrow Survey & Safety. Hatton Cross Tools & Access will be renamed simply Heathrow Access, to avoid confusion with the company’s Heathrow Plant & Tools depot which will remain as is on Shield Road.

A lot of work has gone into this move by various employees, departments and divisions of the business. GAP constantly aims to ensure it is in the best location possible with top quality resources and equipment to maintain the high standards of customer service that the hire firm continuously holds itself to.

For more information on GAP’s depots and divisions, visit the website here.

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