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Sustainability and Wellbeing: GAP's Welfare Services for a Greener Construction Industry

With a commitment to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact, our Welfare Services division is a leader in the industry when it comes to fostering a greener environment. In this blog, we will explore how our Welfare Division is paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Energy Efficient Units

As the exclusive hire provider of the AutoHybrid Eco Welfare Unit and the Green Apple award-winning manufacturer AJC Easycabin, our Welfare Units boast some of the highest energy efficiency standards in the market. Additionally, our range of ZERO Welfare Units combine the benefits of an Eco Hybrid Unit with zero carbon emissions. This industry-leading unit produces only water vapour, reducing fuel consumption, generator hours and noise pollution.

Renewable Energy Offerings

Where possible, we integrate renewable energy sources into our welfare fleet, with many units featuring solar panels. This means that on summer days, up to 100% of the power demands can be met by the solar panels. By harnessing this clean energy, our units aid in a reduction of carbon emissions and generator time. Moreover, our unique Solar Pod Hybrid Generator significantly reduces carbon emissions and fuel costs by harvesting solar energy to provide free power to your site.

Heating Preservation

GAP Welfare Units are designed to offer heating and hot water systems for your site, so your team can have a comfortable break or workspace in any condition. Our range of Eco Hybrid Welfare Units offers efficient ‘Hydro’ diesel heating which provides more heat for less energy. This contributes to hot water being supplied on-demand with no wait times.

Transportation Efficiency

Our Welfare depots make best use of available transportation to optimise the delivery and collection of our Welfare Units to and from sites. We consider best route planning, maximising load capacities and using fuel-efficient vehicles. This contributes to our sustainability initiatives and our gradual transition towards a zero-carbon vehicle fleet.

GAP Welfare Services prides itself on offering greener solutions for the construction industry. By integrating innovation Welfare Units into our fleet, we are committed to fostering a greener future, not only for ourselves but also for our customers too.

You can use our Eco Savings Estimator to see how much fuel you can save and how much carbon you can reduce by using GAP Welfare Units on your site.

Explore our full range of Welfare Units here. Get in touch with our team at for all hire enquiries.  


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