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The LITE Guard City Box: Your Solution for Compact Trenching

Are tight spaces and challenging access roads making trenching and excavation a hassle? Look no further than the LITE Guard City Box, the ultimate solution for city-centric construction projects. We're excited to announce the latest addition to our Trenching and Shoring fleet!

The Perfect Fit for Tight Spaces

The City Box, often referred to as the 'full-size lightweight box,' is designed to thrive in situations where space is limited, and manoeuvring can be a challenge. Its slim panels maximize width while minimizing backfill requirements, making it ideal for trenching works and excavations in built-up areas. Whether it's a narrow construction site or a busy city street, the City Box is engineered to excel.

Versatility in Sizing

We proudly offer two sizes of the City Box to cater to your specific needs: 2400mmx2400mm and 3000mmx1800mm. Need even more adaptability? The boxes can be stacked using extension joiners, allowing for vertical use and maximizing your available workspace. Box size is 3000mm long x 2000mm deep, this is what we have purchased

Efficiency at Its Core

Designed for "dig and place" operations, the City Box ensures that your excavation area remains precisely as required—no unnecessary over-digging. This not only saves time but also minimizes the amount of crushed rock backfill needed, contributing to a more cost-effective project.

Key Features of the City Boxes

  • Ideal for machines in the 3-7 tonne range
  • Complete box weighs 462Kg
  • Can be flat-packed or assembled for effortless transportation
  • lateral earth pressure of 32kN/m²stronger than other boxes of its size in the market

Unlocking Possibilities

Looking for a full-size trench shield that's legally and safely usable with mini excavators and backhoes? The City Box is your exclusive answer. It's one of only two shields tailored for the mini excavator market, providing unprecedented flexibility in urban construction projects.

Discover More

Ready to make the most of the City Box's capabilities? Reach out to our dedicated team for more information and insights. Contact us at or visit to explore our range of Trenching and Shoring solutions.

Make the City Box your partner in conquering urban trenching challenges today!

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