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The Power of Pump Treatment Solutions

GAP's Environmental Services is a sub-division of GAP Pump Services which focuses on reducing the environmental impact of construction works.

The division can be divided into two primary sections:

  • Removing silt from water/rainwater: This includes the removal of mud, clay, colloids, and other contaminants.
  • Treatments to reduce water pH: This addresses the issue of elevated pH levels caused by concrete contamination in both dewatering and closed-loop systems.

Water pollution can lead to severe fines, sometimes reaching millions of pounds. Therefore, it is now more important than ever for companies to ensure that their works are monitored and meet legal requirements. Pump Services offers various levels of water treatment, ensuring that we have a solution for your specific requirements. Our Pump Treatment services include:

LC60 Lamella Clarifier:

The LC60 contains plates running diagonally to enhance silt removal. This unit provides a more evenly distributed flow, improving settlement without increasing the physical size of the unit. A single LC60 Clarifier typically offers the equivalent settlement area of twenty standard baffle tanks. It is highly efficient, allowing solids to settle at the bottom of the hopper while clean water is discharged.

DMT80 Chemical Dosing Tank:

The DMT80 is ideal for fluids in which suspended solids do not settle naturally. It utilises a two-stage dosing process. First, a coagulant reduces the static charges from the particles in the liquid. Then, a diluted polymer is used to bind multiple particles into larger solids which can be settled through a conventional LC60 clarifier. This system operates on a variable flow setup, where advanced PLC control systems react to flow rate and incoming solids content to dose the precise mix of appropriate reagents. It is particularly suitable for larger construction sites where flow rates can vary significantly during different seasons.

pH Balancer:

One major cause of water pollution is the alteration of pH levels due to contaminants. To address this issue, our Environmental Services division has introduced a pH Balancer to our fleet. The pH Balancer is capable of treating water contaminated by concrete, which raises alkalinity to harmful levels. By employing intelligent CO2 dosing, GAP is able to help lower the pH to a safe level for returning water to its source.

GAP is the only company in the UK to offer these environmental services through a national depot network.

For all of you pump treatment needs and environmental service requirements contact GAP Pump Services on 03300 411 637 or email

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