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Trenching 101: A Guide to Safe and Effective Excavations with GAP Hire Solutions

Excavation safety is paramount when conducting trenching and shoring works. Trench boxes play a crucial role in mitigating the risks associated with cave-ins and collapses. At GAP Hire Solutions, our Trenching and Shoring division offers a variety of robust and reliable Trench Box Systems designed to enhance safety in excavation projects and can cover excavation for 2.0m deep, up to 5.5m depending on ground conditions.

Prevention of Cave-Ins

Trench boxes act as essential physical barriers, providing stability to trench walls and preventing them from collapsing onto workers. By providing a stable structure, trench boxes significantly reduce the risk of cave-ins, a prevalent hazard in excavation works.

Protection for Workers

Utilising trench boxes creates secure enclosures where workers can perform their tasks without being exposed to direct pressure of surrounding soil. This is critical in preventing injuries and fatalities that can result from soil movement and collapse.

Regulation Compliance

Trench boxes are designed and used in compliance with safety regulations and standards set by regulatory bodies. The use of trench boxes helps meet legal requirements, ensuring a safer working environment to avoid potential fines and penalties.


Available in various sizes and configurations, trench boxes can be adapted to varying dimensions and conditions. This adaptability makes trench boxes a versatile and effective solution for a wide range of excavation projects.  

Efficient Installation

GAP’s range of trench box systems are assembled above ground and then lowered into the trench area using equipment from our Lifting Division. This efficient installation process minimises the time that workers spend in unprotected excavation areas, which in turn reduces exposure to potential accidents and injuries.

Integration with Shoring Equipment

Trench boxes can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of shoring equipment, including hydraulic equipment. This provides enhanced protection for workers operating in different soil conditions.

Utilising trench boxes on your site can significantly enhance effective excavation safety. You should also take care to implement proper training, conduct regular inspections and adhere to all safety protocols to create a safe working environment for excavation projects.

Explore GAP’s extensive range of Trenching and Shoring equipment to optimise safety and efficiency on your worksite. We can offer a standard solution of Temporary Works Design, due to our inhouse Temporary Works Design Teams, and can provide Technical Data Sheets on request.

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