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Winter Tips for Keeping your Construction Site Safe

With winter blanketing construction sites in frost and ice, it’s essential to protect your site and your workers against the dangers the season brings.

Anti-Slip Measures

Keep walkways, stairs, and any working surfaces clear of snow and ice. Falls are fairly common on construction sites and the winter only heightens these accidents. De-icing agents, such as grit, should be utilised on all slippery surfaces. Workers should also wear slip-resistant footwear to reduce the risk of falls.

Cold-Weather PPE

Workers should be provided with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the work in which they are undertaking. This should include insulated clothes, gloves, and waterproof footwear. In some instances, a hard hat may be required to protect from debris.

Site Illumination

With shorter daylight hours in the winter, you need to ensure your construction site is well-lit to enhance visibility and keep your workers safe in dark mornings and nights. This can be achieved through the use of Tower Lights across your work site.

Equipment Maintenance

All work equipment should be regularly serviced and inspected to ensure optimal performance in cold temperatures. Fuel and hydraulic fluids should be set at the recommended levels and winter-grade oils should be used to prevent malfunctions.

Emergency Preparedness

In case of emergency, response plans should be reviewed, updated, and accounted for any winter-weather related scenarios, including snow removal plans. All first-aid stations should be adequately stocked, and all workers should be trained on winter-specific emergency procedures.

Monitor Weather Conditions

Weather forecasts should be monitored, especially when severe or extreme conditions be expected. Warm break-out areas should be provided, and work schedule adjustments should be implemented based on weather predictions to prioritise safety.

Communication and Awareness

Visible signs and reminders should be posted throughout your site regarding any winter-specific precautions. Communication should also be open, and workers should feel able to report unsafe working conditions.

By preparing your site with these winter safety measures, you ensure a warm, safe, and productive environment for your team. Embrace these strategies to navigate the winter season successfully and keep your construction project on track.

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