1.5 tonne Swivel Skip Dumper

A four-wheel swivel skip dumper with clearly arranged driving position and wide tough leg protection. Fitted with Twin Lock-Drive System which allows one wheel to rotate free when it loses traction at some point and rotates freely.

  • Boots required
  • Ear defenders required
  • Gloves required
  • Hard hat required
  • Hydrostatic twin-lock four-wheel drive
  • Continuously variable speed up to 16 km/h
  • Large service and maintenance access
  • Easy maintenance and cost savings because no changing of gear oil and brake fluid is necessary

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Item 1.5t Swivel Skip Dumper
Code DU023

Length 3220mm
Tip Height 680mm
Weight 1261kg
Max Engine Power 17kW
Fuel Tank Capacity 20 litres
Width 1305mm
Carrying capacity 1500kg
Model Wacker Neuson 1501
Max. delivery height 2550mm
Skip capacity 800 litres (heaped)
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