Battery Rammer

The vibratory rammer AS30e for hire from GAP is one of the world's first two battery-powered rammers. In addition to traditional application areas, it is specifically suited for the compaction of pipe gussets and very narrow trench applications. Operation with a durable battery makes completely emission-free work possible.

  • Boots required
  • Ear defenders required
  • Gloves required
  • Goggles required
  • Hard hat required
  • Vibration generated
  • Emission-free work
  • 55% lower operating costs than with gasoline vibratory rammers
  • Low HAVs
  • Maintenance free electric motor that is started at the push of a button
  • 30 minutes run time per charge
  • 80 minutes charging time

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Item Battery Rammer - ECO
Code CP011

Model Wacker AS50e Battery
Weight 71kg (with battery)
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