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6t Dual View Dumper - Stage IV


Key Features

  • Easy 180 degree rotation 
  • One central hydraulic motor that drives both ales via a cardan shift 
  • Hydrostatic breaking effect as soon as foot is removed from accelerator 
  • Low-wear drive for low service and maintenance costs

The DV60 allows the operator to turn the seat and console 180 degrees to determine the viewing and driving direction. The rotations can be easily carried out from the driver's seat by unlocking the sear console and turning it around. 


Full Description

Thanks to the Dual View Dumper, the driver always has visibility ahead. And more visibility means more safety. With the ability to see exactly where you are driving, it is much easier to recognise any potential dangers. The DV60 safely runs as a construction truck, but is significantly more suitable for off-road applications. 

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