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Fall Arrest Block 10m


Key Features

  • Bridges the gap between short and long-range applications
  • Extended reach, lightweight 
  • Easy to move, carry and install 

10m Fall Arrest Block ensures the safety of the use with an impact of less than 600 daN during a fall. Can withstand weight of 150kg. NOTE: You will need to anchor this item. 


Full Description

Equipped with a shock-absorption system, suitable for working at height whilst still allowing for easy movement. The integrated spring within the housing enables the automatic fall prevention device to unwind and rewind the cable seamlessly. Can be utilised vertically with a maximum angle of 20°, and horizontally with the use of an anti-breaking lanyard. Compliant with Standard EN360 and 'horizontal use' VG11 CNB/P/11.062. This product is also available to buy.

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