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Dark nights call for bright lights - Blog

Learn how to keep your worksite safe and visible throughout the dark winter nights.

With dark nights fast approaching, it’s crucial that you make sure you have the right lighting equipment in place to keep your site safe and visible during the dark winter months. GAP Hire Solutions has a range of lighting options available that will keep your sites up and running.

GAP prides themselves on providing the best equipment for hire, and so, our fleet is newly purchased from leading industry suppliers. We also offer eco-friendly lighting solutions which will keep fuel costs down. You will be keeping your site safe while reducing your carbon footprint.

With a fleet of over 1,750 units, we have various options when it comes to lighting your site. This includes Battery/Solar Tower Lights, Mini Tower Lights, fuel efficient diesel powered Tower Lights and more. Each of these are available for hire from our depots located across the UK.

Battery/Solar Tower Lights

Our range of Battery/Solar Tower Lights are an eco-alternative for lighting your site with low to zero emissions produced. These also run with reduced operational noise to market alternatives. The Battery/Solar Tower Lights are suitable for built up areas where CO2 emissions need to be kept to a minimum.

X-ECO Tower Light

The X-ECO Tower Light boasts a fuel-efficient diesel engine , which greatly reduces CO2 emissions. This offers an impressive fuel saving on conventional tower lights. The galvanised metalworks and anti-corrosion protection ensure a rugged, long-lasting lifecycle which is protected from the elements. With an industry leasing Kubota water cooled engine, the added technology allows for maximum fuel efficiency and reliability. The X-ECO has an eight-hour charging time with the floodlights off, so this can be charged in plenty of time for work on site to commence each day.

VB9 Tower Light

The eco-conscious VB9 works to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. This model is very economical and low-maintenance which can produce significant saving on your transport and labour costs Due to the portability of this model, making movement to and from site is much more efficient and easier than industry alternatives. Moreover, the VB9 is fitted with a vertical mast which is hydraulically raised and lowered, which eliminates the dangers of manually raising the mast each day.

X-Hybrid Tower Light

The X-Hybrid is a floor-mounted tower light fitted with energy-saving LED lamps. Power to these lamps comes from a combination of a battery and a small fuel-efficient diesel engine. This tower light can be adjusted in multiple directions and is equipped with tiltable floodlights. Operating emission and noise-free for long periods of time, this tower light is ideally suited for lighting construction sites, rail work and for lighting outside events.

Solar Light

Our Solar Light boasts a fully automatic operation and ZERO emissions. These lights collect solar energy during daylight hours which is stored by batteries. When in low light or night-time, the powerful LED auto activates when movement is detected within 10 metres of the light. Once the movement has stopped, after a few minutes the light will dim to 20%.

Mini Tower Light

The Mini Tower Light can be set-up quickly and easily by a single operator with fully adjustable stabiliser legs on a 5.5m hand operated mast. This also comes with a detachable mast allowing utilisation as a 6kVA diesel generator. An extra 4kVA of power can be made available from generator for power tools.

On top of these, we also have smaller and more portable lighting solutions that would be perfect for indoor work areas. Including Balloon Lights, Luminator Lights and Carry Lights.

If you are unsure what is needed to make your site safe, you can contact our team on Alternatively, you can view our full range of lighting solutions here

Make sure you hire the right lights to keep your site safe this winter.

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