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GAP introduces the worlds first ever Battery Pump

In an era where environmental consciousness is more critical than ever, we are proud to announce a ground-breaking addition to our product line: the world first ever Battery Pump!

The Need for Eco-Friendly Solutions

As industries continue to seek greener alternatives, our commitment to sustainability drives us to develop innovative solutions that minimise environmental impact.

Traditional pumps, powered by non-renewable energy sources, have long been a staple for many companies across various industries. However, their high energy consumption can lead to significant repercussions on the environment.

Introducing the first ever Battery Pump

We are delighted to introduce the world's first-ever Battery Pump, exclusive to the GAP Hire Solutions fleet. This innovative Battery Pump is designed to significantly reduce environmental impact.

This eco-conscious solution features a 6kW onboard electric motor accompanied by a 17kWh battery, ensuring an impressive runtime of up to 12 hours.

Embrace the future with GAP Pump Services

This brand-new Battery Pump embodies GAP’s commitment to sustainable innovation. By adopting this market-leading technology, your company will take a significant step towards reducing your environmental footprint, contributing to a cleaner planet, and embracing a more economically viable future.

Learn more about this Pump here, or get in touch with our team on for all hire enquiries.

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