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Revolutionising Waste Management: GAP's Advanced Dewatering Solutions

With the recent expansion of our Treatment Facility, GAP’s Tanker Services division is leading the way in dewatering solutions. Whether systems are stationary or mobile, they can be placed in any operational area, delivering savings across multiple fronts. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of utilising GAP Tanker Services.

Leading the Way in Dewatering Solutions

Our advanced dewatering solutions are designed to streamline waste management processes, making them more efficient and cost-effective.

Efficient Transportation: Lower Costs, Reduced Emissions

GAP’s Treatment Plants’ vehicle and transport initiatives offer several advantages: reduced mileage, enhanced fleet utilisation, lower maintenance needs, decreased fuel consumption and costs and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Time Efficiency

Our system can provide a 24/7 facility to customers, eliminating standing loads and reliance on wastewater treatment works, which is critical when sites close unexpectedly due to storms or overflow concerns. Our treatment facility reduces waiting times for gate operations, enhances time management, allows for more accurate forward planning, and enables more efficient operations.

Versatile Waste Stream Processing

We handle a wide variety of waste streams beyond just welfare waste. Our team processes domestic waste, such as septic tanks, grease traps, and garden ponds, as well as industrial waste streams including gas holders, cooling towers, refineries, and mining settling ponds. Additionally, we manage environmental waste streams, such as sweeper and gully residues, storm drains, culverts, and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDs).

The Benefits of Dewatering: Cost Savings and Efficiency

Dewatering wet waste aims to produce a manageable end product through volume reduction, delivering substantial savings on transport and disposal costs. The advantages of utilising GAP Tanker Services for your dewatering needs include simplicity, mobility, and low operating costs.

Why Choose GAP Tanker Services?

Our system starts with a Coarse Screening Container (CSC), where tankers can offload at their convenience. The CSC removes large debris before the liquid is transferred to a Dewatering Container (DWC) using a Polymer Makeup & Dosing Unit. The DWC is equipped with durable 600µ (micron) filter panels that separate solid flocs from water fractions. With the appropriate environmental permit, the water fraction, known as "filtrate," can be safely discharged to the sewer for final treatment at wastewater treatment works.

Reductions in Waste Volume and Weight

Utilising GAP Tanker Services brings numerous benefits to your site. Our systems achieve significant reductions in weight and volume, up to 90%, while effectively removing suspended solids and reducing Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) levels by up to 95%. They handle large process rates when necessary, optimising operational output. Additionally, our services reduce disposal costs, including gate and tipping fees, as well as lower transport expenses. With low maintenance and running costs, our plants offer quick returns on investment, making them a sustainable choice for businesses looking to enhance their environmental stewardship while improving cost-effectiveness.

Sustainability: A Cleaner, Greener Process

Our system uses a gentle process that leverages the waste product’s own weight and gravity to produce thickened sludge, which returns a clean filtrate. This filtrate is further treated and used as fertiliser, or removed by GAP Tankers and taken to treatment works for disposal or further recycling. Once the sludge is removed from the tanks, it is processed into pellets and burned as fuel, offering a 100% recyclable solution.

Join the Future of Waste Management with GAP

GAP Tanker Services is at the forefront of industry dewatering solutions. Utilising our Treatment Facilities and team of experts brings a host of benefits to your site.

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