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Bowser Pressure Washer (electric start)


Key Features

  • Baffled 960 litre water tank
  • 28 litre chemical tank

Bowser pressure washer for hire from GAP, a combined pressure washer and water tank (bowser). Manual or 12V DC Electric Hose Reels for 30M - 100M of HP Hose. For use when an electrical power supply is not available.

Use our HAV Calculator to assess hand-arm vibration exposure from using this tool, below.


Full Description

Combined pressure washer and water tank (bowser) is a common hire for most construction sites. These industrial washers can clean plant machinery, concreting equipment after use, urban paving and can also remove chewing gum. Manual or 12V DC electric hose reel offers between 30m to 100m of hose for a large working range. An ideal option when a water connection is unavailable.

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