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8t Eco Excavator


Key Features

  • Eco Plus models offer 5% productivity increase
  • Auto Idling System 
  • Adjustable Maximum Oil Flow on Auxiliary Circuit 

The Kubota KX080-4/4a offers exceptional boost in fuel efficiency and work productivity for a range of requirements. Performance is powerful yet clean, with a design that is eye-catching and practical. 


Full Description

The KX080-4/4a's original Direct Injection (DI) engine helps to maximise digging strength while reducing noise, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. This excavator is customisable with a two-piece boom, expanding its capabilities to tackle more challenging projects across various job sites. Additionally, it's precise and effortless control ensures enhanced versatility, reducing operator fatigue even in the most demanding work environments. 

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  • Key Features

    • Fully Stage V compliant engine
    • Two-speed auto-shift feature 
    • Boom and arm anti-drop safety valves 
    • Overload Warning Buzzer